You must now learn something extremely important. If you understand and practically apply what I’m about to tell you, you will DEFINITELY make 100 million dollars, and even more, because money brings more money.

Here is what you need to find out:…

To be continued in the virtual package.

Fragments from the third book:

I want you to imagine the following situation. Somewhere, in an old land, there is a cave where some people live. Next to the entry of the cave, they find almost everything they need for their survival: fruits, a little river they can fish in, a small forest they can hunt rabbits in. Inside the cave it’s cold, but its inhabitants have got used to it. A few animals’ furs help them to warm their bodies.

The life in this cave is pretty peaceful. People, when they need food, just get out of the cave, cross the little forest nearby, hunt a small animal and pick up some berries. And that is how they secure their daily living. There are also days when they can’t catch animals, they don’t catch any fish and they barely find a few fruits to help them cut down their hunger. But hard days like those come and go and better days follow. Every person living in the cave has no choice but to adapt to those conditions.

A few of the cavemen, looking more carefully around, have noticed that somewhere far away, there is a place with forests full of game, a river populated with big fish, just ready to be caught, and trees full of tasty fruits. There, in that far away land, it’s always warm and nice. In that place there is only a lovely breeze blowing. That place is paradise on earth.

But there is a problem. Between the cave they live in and that wonderful rich land, there is a big field populated…

To be continued in the virtual package.

Please imagine the following scene. It seems to be taken out of a horror movie, but in our case I would like you to consider everything as a didactic model, an example from which you can learn something very important in order to achieve success.

In fact, if you perfectly understand the meaning of the described scene, you will also perfectly understand which path you have to take in order to live a dream life. You will become a successful and prosperous person. You will have everything you wish for. You will fulfill your most ardent desire. But you must make a little effort of imagination. Relax and watch this scene with the eyes of your mind!

Somewhere, in a hidden place, there is a 5m deep hole. On the bottom of the hole there is a person…a character who, accidentally, had been thrown there against his will. Who had thrown him there? Of course, some malefic, sadistic, merciless people determined to get rid of him.

It’s true, the scene is unpleasant for any spectator, but take it as a mere horror movie scene. Evil people want to keep that man in the 5m deep hole forever. Moreover, they have some shovels which they are using with a terrifying purpose: to throw soil in the hole where the man is.

The evil men are very determined and they DON’T think twice. They start throwing soil in the hole, so the poor unlucky man will be buried faster. They are really evil! No mercy, no sympathy!

Of course, the man in the hole does NOT want to be buried. Moreover, the man in the hole wants to get out and to be free. But he must fight with the malice of the people who want to burry him alive. If he would just be passive and wait for the soil to cover him, the man in the hole would end up in a terrifying way.

Fortunately, this man had decided he can get away from the danger of being buried alive. All he has to do is to pay attention when the men on the edge of the hole start throwing soil with their shovels. Instead of staying still and look at the soil gathering around him, the man in the hole, after each shovel, steps on the soil and this way he will always be on top of the pile. The evil men, after they notice the man in the hole wants to escape, throw even more soil over the one they want to burry alive.

Now the man in the hole needs to move faster if he wants to get rid of the soil thrown on him with fury. For the man in the hole it’s a fight for survival. The evil men make huge efforts to throw as fast as possible the soil over him. The man in the hole makes desperate efforts to get on top of the pile of soil that becomes bigger and bigger.

The scene is horrible and it seems taken out of a horror movie. But it’s an imaginary example from which you will have to learn something extremely important for your success. Read carefully and discover the connection between the imaginary exercise with the unfortunate man in the hole and the colossal success you can achieve…

To be continued in the virtual package.

Fragments from the fourth book:


Imagine the incredible changes that would occur in a person’s life should they face what statistically could happen to them only once in a billion years (an unimaginable time span that no human mind could possibly conceive).

Imagine what could happen to the soul of that person when their consciousness forces them to make the most difficult and painful choice of their life.

Imagine, then, the agonizing torment of that person when they find themselves in the position of being able to do for the world the greatest good in the history of mankind that you can be dreamt of, and in spite of this… they had absolute reasons not to do it.


The entire team of doctors at the San Michelle asylum was confused. It could not even be clearly established if the distinguished patient who had just been admitted into this austere and uninviting hospital might be clinically diagnosed as a mentally ill person or if, on the contrary, a dreadful mistake had been made.

Clark Mandis, the manager of the asylum, felt exhausted. After many long and painful hours passed watching and scrutinizing frame by frame the tape that had recorded the agonizing moments (or madness, not even that aspect had yet been clarified) of the illustrious patient, he decided it was high time for an appropriate break.

He flopped down into the comfortable armchair behind his polished desk and slowly lit up a cigarette.

“That’s enough for the moment”, he said to the other seven doctors who had joined him during the video “investigations”. “You can all leave. I will remain here to gather my thoughts for a while. I will let you know as soon as I discover a clue that is somehow more promising. David, can you please stay for a few more moments?”

When the last doctor left closing the door of the manager’s office behind him, David Smith, the most appreciated doctor in the asylum after the manager Clark, was invited to have a seat in the chair opposite his boss.

“David, recently I looked over all the information that I have gathered in my life as a specialist in psychiatry and as someone with a real passionate interest in the field.”

Clark stopped for a moment to flick the ash that was on the verge of falling from the end of his cigarette, and then he continued.

“I don’t like at all the word „weird” when talking about science. But it is exactly what I am forced to accept, a strangeness that purely does not exist in any treaty of psychiatry in this world, if I am not mistaken for the first time in my career! Are we in front of an opportunity that can bring us the Nobel prize or it is just that we do not have enough energy or patience to understand what was in fact evident in front of our eyes but we are blinded by such academic exactitude?”

“There must be an explanation,” said David. “You know well that the patient passed through all the possible tests and there was nothing that could confirm that we were dealing with a mentally ill person. And, nevertheless, our patient has all the outward symptoms of a mentally ill person.”

David kept thinking for a while and then said:

“I just remember one sequence. I think I noticed something. I did not pay much attention to it at the time, I don’t know why. I would like to look carefully at the tape again if possible. I refuse to believe that we cannot find something to help us understand his condition.”

Clark put into the ashtray what remained of his cigarette and looked with tired heavy eyes at David.

“I am very tired, David. But I get even more annoyed when I think that the answer is right in front of us but we cannot see it.”

“Let’s try again. We may have missed something obvious.”

“Of course, you are right,” said Clark. “Just one more try, okay? Turn the video-player on.”

David took the remote control from the desk and turned on the video. Both doctors stared at the screen as it started to show the sequences that seemed to refute even the most elementary logic.

A man of average height, well built, with short red hair was the protagonist of this amazing „film show”. Recorded by a monitoring camera in the room where he was by himself, the patient did not even have the slightest idea that he was the subject of attentive monitoring by people hoping to find an answer to his condition.

He was no longer interested in how he had come to be in that place.

Apparently, there was nothing wrong with him when he was lying on the bed that was reserved for him. Except for the anxious look of somebody who was expecting to receive the worst news of his life, the red-haired man did not show any obvious signs of insanity. But this was the case until he was suddenly gripped by an intense fear and started to run out of control all over the room, desperately looking for an escape.

But all this turmoil disappeared as quickly as it had started. Then for a short while the agitation and the fear appeared again.

“The moments of quiet sanity alternate quickly with the moments of madness, or whatever these symptoms may be. I cannot associate it with any other case that I have studied until now…”

David listened to the manager without turning his eyes away from the display. He was concentrating on the sequences when the man was running across the room and around the bed.

“Round the bed!” yelled David. “The bed, did you see that?”

“See what? What am I supposed to have seen?” asked Clark almost yelling, too, and jumping from his chair.

David’s voice was trembling due to the emotion given by a possible eureka moment.

“The bed. The patient has only once lain on the bed! Then he avoided the bed and dodged even the touch of it! My God, how did we not see it from the beginning?”

“But what is it about the bed, David? You know that we checked everything. What can possibly be wrong with that bed?”

David excitedly pointed his finger at the display.

“Stop here! Press pause!”

“I’ve pressed pause,” cried Clark. “Now tell me. What have you seen?”

David was looking transfixed at the scene where the patient was in the middle of the room.

“Look! Down, right next to his foot…”

Clark remained puzzled.

“It’s impossible… What is that?”

Chapter 1

Immediately after having finished his studies at the university that he had chosen from the beginning of his adolescence (Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism), James Hoover, valedictorian of 2009, had the chance to choose from among three publications that offered him an unexpected salary for a debutant.

Brought up in Canada, in the harsher climate of Whitehorse, a climate that he could not get accustomed to at all, James chose to work in Denver, the city with 300 sunny days a year, for a magazine specializing in scientific themes.

His parents died when he was 8 years old in a terrible car crash. Immediately after the sorrowful event, he was taken charge of by his aunt, a rather rigid woman, but also endowed with a formidable determination. It is due to this “iron” woman that James had the possibility to study at a university that offers scholarships of about 4 million dollars a year to the students that promise an outstanding career in journalism.

James was one of these deserving students. Inheriting from his father some characteristics of the Inuit-Eskimos (only the color of his hair he got from his mother, a real New-Yorker), a high candor and the determination to overcome the difficult life, the young Hoover was ready to face his destiny.