Is there an explanation for that behavior? Maybe. Probably those people thought: “Well, let’s see... if that box of money were in the middle of the street, it could NOT trick me in any way so I wouldn’t be scared. But that guy standing next to the box is trying to convince me to take the money. For sure he’s trying to trick me! Why would that stupid guy give me money for nothing?”

How strange those people are! And how weird their judgment! They DON’T think that could there could be a bomb in the box which could explode in their face; yet they think that the man next to the box could trick them! They are NOT scared of a possible bomb that could put them directly into the hospital or in the cemetery, but they are afraid of a possible farce!

“Bomb? What bomb? Get out of here! There is no bomb! Ah, but what does this guy want? He’s very dubious... I hope he won’t deceive me. In fact, I’m sure he wants to deceive me! I’d better stay away from him...”

I know it seems incredible; yet that is how lots of people think! The “National Geographic” experiment demonstrated it clearly. It is not the mortal danger that is so important, but the possibility of being conned.

Of course, that type of people will NEVER succeed in life. They don’t realize that regardless of what they do, they will always have to deal with other people. An unguarded box CAN’T trick you, but it doesn’t offer other possibilities either. A person can deceive you; it’s true. But a person can also offer you the chance that you could NOT discover by yourself.

Success outside connections between people is inconceivable. Success means to relate to people. Success means trusting other people even if there is the possibility that some of those people will take advantage of you in the lowest way possible.

If a forest also has dead trees that does NOT mean that the forest only has dead trees. The forest has mainly trees full of life, leaves and fruits. If some people are set to make money at the expense of the people who fall into their traps, that does NOT mean that all people are doing the same. If some people are dishonest that DOESN’T mean all people are dishonest. If some people are thieves, that does NOT mean all people are thieves.

Look carefully at the people around you! Diversity is everywhere. Diversity is the queen. People are very different! Honest people are everywhere; so are cunning people and thieves. Yet honest people are everywhere, too! It’s the law of nature!

Whoever lives in the permanent fear that the others are trying to deceive him has mental problems. It is normal to be integrated among people and accept the truth that there are not only thieves around, but also honest people who are always willing to honestly help you. The confident attitude is an extremely important element of success. You want to achieve a great success!

Fragments from the second book:

Imagine I come to you with the biggest challenge of your life:

You will make 100 million dollars: I can teach you how to obtain that amount of money.

Obviously, the first words that will come to your mind are: farce, utopia, incredible, untrue, impossible, exaggerated, good joke, chimera, lie, hoax and others of that kind. In your mind you have the fixed idea that you will never make 100 million dollars. Maybe you think that so much money belongs to a different world, to people who live on other planets. You are just a humble mortal, aren’t you? How could you make 100 million dollars? “Impossible!” you’ll shout.

In your mind there is an unbeatable wall between yourself and the amount of 100 million dollars. Your deeply rooted belief is that it is extremely hard to make such an astronomical amount of money; that only few people in the world managed to do it and in no way will you be the one to reach the amount of 100 million dollars.

You have grown up and lived with the idea that you don’t have any resources which could bring you large amounts of money. You live in your world, and the super rich live in theirs. You live under the impression that in between the two worlds there is an unsurpassable gap.

100 million dollars? What a beautiful dream!

And you will also say: “What a beautiful dream that will never materialize!” Or will it?

Really, why do you think that that dream could never materialize for you too? Probably you believe that you don’t have and will never have what those who have already made the 100 million dollars have had. What do the world’s super rich have that you don’t? How have they made their huge fortunes, which you find inaccessible? What is their secret?

You could think of the following possible answer: they have probably been really lucky.

But how much good luck do you think you need in order to stop doing anything else and make 100 million dollars? Clearly you can’t only count on good luck. Luck is something too slippery to be taken into consideration seriously when you truly want to make a fortune.

OK. Maybe the super rich have been smarter than you and that’s why they have made so much money.

Really? Their impressive intelligence brought them incommensurable fortunes? You CAN’T answer YES to this question! Think that in the world there are lots of people smarter than you and even a lot smarter than the super rich. However, despite all their intelligence those people haven’t managed to make huge fortunes.

So, intelligence is NOT necessarily the first quality to bring you lots of money. If intelligence were the basic condition to make a fortune, there would be lots of billionaires out there. The reality shows something else. You could think the super rich have inherited their wealth and so it has made it very easy for them to multiply their money and become richer.

That is NOT the right answer either!

I give you the example of Howard Schultz, the founder of Starbucks, whose fortune is estimated at 2 billion dollars, and who started from scratch, from the condition of a poor man.

If that example is not enough, I’ll remind you of George Soros, the famous billionaire, whose wealth is estimated at around 20 billion dollars. George Soros also started from the bottom, working as a baggage man and a waiter.

And I’ll also give you the example of Larry Ellison, the founder of Oracle, who has a wealth estimated at around 40 billion dollars. He started from the bottom, too, having all sorts of jobs.

Oprah Winfrey is also to be mentioned; born in a poor family from Mississippi, and now the owner of a wealth of around 3 billion dollars.

Li-Ka Shing, the president of Hutchison Whampoa Limited and Cheung Kong Holdings, with a fortune of 21 billion dollars, had to give up school so he could support himself. At fifteen he was working 16 hours a day.

And the examples could continue. There are examples that you could become a billionaire even if you are NOT very smart, even if you DON’T have good luck and even if you HAVEN’T inherited great fortunes that you could multiply.

That’s right; you could start from a disadvantaged social position. Practically, your starting point is the same as the starting point of today’s billionaires. The ones who own huge fortunes today DIDN’T have impressive advantages that you don’t have. You should think of that very seriously.

In other word, at their beginnings, the billionaires of today were as helpless as you are now. Just like you, they DIDN’T have extraordinary resources to start with! Just like you, they DIDN’T have magnificent good luck! The billionaires of today WEREN’T received everywhere with open arms; on the contrary!

Nobody came to George Soros to tell him: “You know, I really like you. I want to give you a large amount of money, just because I like you. Invest this money in a business and you will become a millionaire!”

NO, nobody came to George Soros to make him such proposal. And none of the other billionaires received such offers either. On the contrary, they received lots of… obstacles. It’s possible that they received a lot of curses, too. They also collected uncountable disappointments and failures. Lots and lots of disappointments and failures. They would have loved to walk on a path covered with flowers, encouragements and praises, but that DIDN’T happen.

Long time ago, the billionaires of today didn’t have billions of dollars! It looked like they wouldn’t even stand the chance. They could barely live from one day to another, just like lots of other poor people. They didn’t receive help to encourage them to continue on the path of their success. For sure lots of people didn’t even believe in their dream. The times of their beginnings didn’t give anyone a clue about the great success they would achieve later. The current billionaires were fighting in the past with lots of shortcomings and needs, the kind of which regular people are facing today.

If you could turn back in time to the day when George Soros was a simple baggage man, you would look at the one who later was going to become a billionaire and say: “Incredible! This man who works here so hard will become the owner of a huge fortune…!”

Exactly at that moment Soros wouldn’t show the slightest sign that he had the potential to make billions of dollars. No one could guess what kind of man they were sitting around. The capacity of making billions of dollars has NOTHING to do with the physical appearance of a person.

Imagine you go to have lunch in a restaurant. A nice waiter will serve you. If you look at that waiter it WOULDN’T cross your mind that he will become a billionaire some day. You see just a simple employee who does his humble job. A simple man. A man who DOESN’T stand out. A man who works to support himself.

A long time ago a waiter named George Soros was working hard to support himself. He didn’t know how it was to own billions. He only knew he had to be a waiter.

Apparently, there is NO difference between George Soros and the other waiters in the world. In reality, it was a huge difference. George Soros had a SECRET INGREDIENT, even when he was a simple waiter. And it WASN’T a simple INGREDIENT.

Other waiters DON’T have that INGREDIENT and as a consequence they will be waiters all their lives. The SECRET INGREDIENT that a man has can’t be seen from the outside. And it SHOULDN’T be seen by other people either!

In the lines you will read from now on you will find out the way that YOU can earn the amount of 100 million dollars, a much smaller amount that the one already made by the world’s billionaires.

I know, you can still hear in your mind the word “Impossible”, but first you must learn something very important…

To be continued in the virtual package.

You know now the goal in front of you: 100 million dollars. At the first sight it seems to be an extremely ambitious objective, even an unusual one. But despite of what it seems to be, there are some very simple and efficient laws. If you apply those laws you will reach the super-objective of getting 100 million dollars.

Nothing new! 100 million dollars represent an exorbitant amount of money, astronomical for an ordinary person. But the laws that will enable you to get 100 million dollars are ordinary laws, easy to understand by all people, as you will see.

To make 100 million dollars you have to mobilize at maximum two types of resources…

To be continued in the virtual package.

100 million dollars allows you to buy, if you wish, more super-villas, more latest-fashion automobiles, the most expensive clothes and jewels and whatever your heart wishes for. You can spend endless vacations in the most beautiful places in the world. You can travel wherever you like, for as long as you like and whenever you like. You can help the poor. You can invest in all sorts of business. You can become a great philanthropist. You can have everything a rich man has.

Prosperity surrounds you. Luxury is your normal environment. You attend the most select entourages. You could say that if anyone really wishes for the latest automobile, ultra-modern villas and all possible luxury in the world, that person will be motivated to do everything in his or her power to make 100 million dollars and even more.

NOT really! The luxury life style is admired and wished for by lots of people. Almost all people want a super-cool car. Almost all people want to live in a very expensive villa. Almost all people want to make 100 million dollars.

Yes, people want wealth. But most of them WON’T get to that wealth! Why WON’T they? Exactly because they want to! They do want to have that wealth, but the desire to have that wealth DOESN’T have enough strength.

I know it sounds strange. You will say: “How come the desire of having 100 million dollars is NOT strong enough? ISN’T it a colossal wish?” Answer: The wish of having 100 million dollars ISN’T strong enough. That is the truth.

Why ISN’T the wish of having 100 million dollars strong enough? The answer is very interesting and you will have to understand it very well.

Ultra luxurious villas, super cool cars, holidays in exotic places and things that can be bought with a lot of money are the creations of people, something that exists outside their bodies and can be seen by everybody.

You can obviously wish for ultra luxurious villas. That wish is big enough. Yet that wish is NOT strong enough to push you towards that astronomical figure of 100 million dollars. You can really wish for an entire car park with the most luxury automobiles: it doesn’t matter; you still WON’T make 100 million dollars! Cars are people’s creations, irrespective of how luxurious and efficient they are!