“One of the rules of conventional biology says that the signals are transmitted by means of the substances that react with each other or by the ions. This would mean that the chemical information cannot cross through, for example, glass. Exactly, this is what conventional science teaches us… But, dear guests, some Russian specialists have discovered… something quite different. What have they discovered? Into each of the two sealed containers with a window made of quartz glass (through which the UV and over UV radiation may pass through, as you can see in the reproduction of the experiment in these photographs), they put half of a culture tissue and, every time when they infected one of the tissues, the healthy one was infected too, after only few hours.

The conclusion? By means of a field that resembles an electromagnetic one, the cells communicate with one another! The scientific researchers were astonished… At a certain time it was understood that the cells can communicate between themselves only by means of chemical substances. And now many studies demonstrate that the living cells may communicate one another by means of waves capable to pass through the atmosphere, too! Moreover, the cells may communicate with one another also by the medium of light, as the German doctor has proven, Mr. Fritz Popp, the one who introduced the term light photons. Light waves carry information, and the cells can read it! Do you understand now the colossal importance of this discovery for the medical world? The medicines interfere into the chemical communication among the cells. But now, due to the fact that the information may circulate among the cell also by means of the waves, the medicines are no longer the only mean to recover health! The healing may be made also by energetic measures, not only by the medicines that are chemically produced! The science comes to emphasize this statement!”

Forgas intentionally took a break for few moments, in order to let the words resonate around the audience in the room with the expected effect of a confused murmur.

When the last photo disappeared from the screen, Forgas fixed his eyes on the ones that were listening to him in silence and with evident attention and he raised from the little table next to the board a shiny covered book, that he showed to the audience.

“Dear guests, this book contains the scientific research facts about which we will discuss during these few days. I entitled this book, “Beyond belief”. Why… beyond belief? Because, unfortunately, there are still people who do not believe in healing from a distance. Well, we put at the disposal of people, arguments that go beyond the limit of mere belief. Not only that people will believe, but they will know things that until now seemed fiction.

This week we will present to you the link between scientific demonstration and pranotherapy. I come back to the question: what is the pranotherapy?”

The video-projector started up again. Images of all the types of persons suffering from various diseases were shown on the screen, while Forgas continued his presentation.

“Rheumatic diseases, respiratory diseases, cardiac and circulatory diseases, endocrine, digestive, diseases of the nervous system, all can be treated at a distance, meaning that the therapist is not present near the treated person! Well, yes! This is what pranotherapy can do. Healing without medicine and without the doctors staying next to them! Healing at a distance is possible!”

Forgas again took a small break, enough to leave space for more astonished murmurs among the ones that were listening to him. Then he continued:

“A German doctor demonstrated that the living cells may communicate with one another by means of light. We will demonstrate now by scientific facts that the diseases can be healed from a distance. At the end of the conference everybody will receive a copy of the book „Beyond belief”. Until then, we will make together an extraordinary trip to the borders of knowledge and we will learn in deep detail the evidence that will make us believe that … miracles really do exist. I can assure you that it will be an astonishing trip! As Voltaire said, “if by a miracle you mean an effect whose cause you do not know, it means that everything is a miracle.”

This is how Forgas Carpenter ended his opening speech.

When the last word was uttered, all the room remained wrapped in a total silence for a few minutes, then the applauses started. Stronger and stronger, while the guests were standing, their enthusiastic clapping was celebrating noisily the novelty, the importance, the sensational feature of the content conveyed at this conference.

All the persons present in the Belle Époque room felt part of an experience that was far more than interesting.


Martin was just trying to calm down after about two hours before he had made efforts at the office to ease the inquietude of a patient who was convinced that his heart disease will worsen more and more and he will kick the bucket within a few months.

Always when he was near his patients, Martin did not allow any shadow of his nervousness to be seen. But this precaution cost him enough psychical energy, too.

That evening he felt very tired. In his armchair, in front of the TV, he was waiting for Sophie to arrive home. He was just looking at a TV broadcast about stalagmites and the places where they can be easily found, when his mobile phone rang. Martin answered immediately, while he lowered the volume of the TV.

His darkest fears started to take shape and then to become crystal clear. Martin was listening as in a trance the voice of the man who was explaining what had happened to this son during the afternoon.


Sophie found her husband sitting on the armchair, with staring eyes and a frightful expression on his face. Before opening her mouth, Martin mumbled:

“We cherished illusions…”

“But what happened? Tell me now!”

“Robert… was killed today in a gun fight with the police … during a raid at the home of one of those friends of his. A drug delivery was just completed. Did you know that Robert had a gun, too? A policeman was killed. And our son was his murderer. Then they killed him. It makes no sense... This is the end…”

Sophie felt faint. She sat down on the nearest chair and tried to gather her thoughts.

“No!” she cried in tears.

“I could not go to see him, Sophie… Believe me I couldn’t… I don’t want to see him dead…”

Martin felt he was suffocating. A veil of unconsciousness fell over his mind. He succeeded in seeing Sophie who jumped desperately towards him, asking him what happened, what was wrong. Then, darkness.


Nala was feeling very proud and very happy. He enjoyed enormously he happiness of his master. In the end, Harisha had reasons to savor the first victory, the first step to the magnificent accomplishment.

“The assistants completed their duty, Nala. Exactly as I wished.”

The face of Nala was radiating a huge smile. The master smiled, too.

“Our family starts to be born,” said Harisha. “And starts with a doctor. His wife is a resistant woman. She will dedicate more to the profession. And will understand one day. Now we have to look to the future. I am going to rest, Nala. I need to recover. We continue tomorrow…”

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