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You will read below some extremely interesting fragments from four books that have enjoyed a huge and spectacular success.

Good luck!

Fragments from the first book:

Would you like to find out the secret of those billionaires who live in extravagant villas, drive luxury cars, spend their days in a permanent and superb holiday in the most wonderful places of the world and enjoy a great life style?

You could say the secret of those billionaires is that they manage through various methods to get money to buy extravagant villas, luxury cars and the entire luster they are exhibiting.

Well, that is NOT their secret!

The billionaires’ secret is different from that!

The world’s richest people did NOT wish for extravagant villas, did NOT wish for luxury cars, did NOT wish for permanent and wonderful holidays in the most spectacular places and did NOT necessarily want a great life style, and all this because all these things can be…seen and KNOWN by other people…

It’s weird, isn’t it?

Of course, the world’s richest people will lie politely and they will say they really wanted this brilliant life that common people admire so much.

In reality, the world’s richest people are hiding inside their soul a secret that they will NEVER tell anyone. This secret brought them their wealth that intrigues and fascinates the ones around them.

No matter how much you ask the wealthiest people in the world and no matter how hard you try to "rip out" the secret, you will NOT succeed.

Why will you FAIL?

To be continued in the virtual package.

See, some people start with a plan a desire. The plan can be perfect. Maybe the desire is also wonderful. But it is NOT enough! A plan, no matter how brilliant, looks good only on paper.

In reality (we’re talking about the terrible reality again!) after you start putting your plan into practice, the obstacles start showing up. Would be great if the obstacles would sit quietly behind their desks and would let you make your dream come true faster, but obstacles are very stubborn and perfidious. The obstacles are the embodiment of obstinacy! And then put to face the obstacles you need more energy, more perseverance, more work, more courage, and again more energy, energy, energy, patience, patience, more work again…And so on like a mad race!

And where from can you get so much energy to continue the fight with the obstacles? Where? You fight for a day, two days, ten days, a hundred days. You clench your teeth ad you go on. But one day you start getting tired. Then the doubts appear, one of the bad wolves lurking in the dark. The disappointment appears; another bad and cruel wolf. Other wolves start to appear, with their eyes glowing with the desire of tearing you apart: fear, boredom, demobilization, pessimism…And you had such a wonderful plan!

Why do you have to face so many obstacles? Why? Because–so is life.


If you want your plan to come true, (…), all you have to do is …

To be continued in the virtual package.

I want you to read about a very interesting experiment that was broadcasted on a “National Geographic” show. Here is the description of the experiment:

On a very busy street in a city, the producers of the show arranged a stand with a counter and on the counter they put a translucent box full of… money.

Inside the stand there was a man who was telling the bystanders that the money in the box are given away for… nothing, so anyone could take how much money they wanted from the box, without any repercussions.

When a passer-by was coming close to the stand, the man inside was encouraging them to take money from the box, just like that, with no fear.

“Take money for free! Yes, here you find free money! Take it with no fear! We do NOT ask anything in return!”

How do you think the bystanders reacted? Do you think that happy with this offer people started to rush and grab money from the box on the counter?

Well, if you believe so, you are totally wrong. I know, it might seem weird, but the people on the street did NOT rush to grab the money from the box. In vain is the man inside the stand telling them they can take money without fear and NOTHING wrong will happen to them if they do so.

What had happened sounds unbelievable. The bystanders were pushed to take money but they refused! Incredible! And so you know, this experiment was real!

The experiment’s purpose was to test mind reaction when faced with this type of situation. Somewhere in the proximity of the stand there were hidden cameras that filmed the whole experiment. The passers-by were coming close to the stand, they were looking at the board stating clearly they can take money from the box on the counter and the man inside was making efforts to encourage everyone to take some of the money. Although it seems impossible, people were very suspicious and REFUSED to take money from the translucent box.

It’s true that only one person, braver, decided to take part of the money in the box and this after lots of encouragements from the man inside the stand. That person, although it proved braver than the other passers-by, after few minutes of hesitation and few incredulous glances to the man inside the stand, decided to take the money.

The producers’ team that did this interesting experiment came up to a first conclusion. Although the money in the box was offered to everyone for free, with no limits, people were refusing to take the money, full of suspicion. These people were thinking that if they DON”T do anything for the money, it’s impossible for somebody give it to them for nothing. Some kind of alarm bell was switching on instantly in the mind of the bystanders that were urged to take the money. Most probably they were wondering:”What trick is behind all these? Nobody will give you money for nothing! It’s something dubious here…”

The experiment shown on the “National Geographic” channel continued under a different format. The show producers left the full box on the counter, but this time there was nobody inside the stand. The stand was empty but above it was placed a banner which stated the money is given for free. Of course, the video cameras recorded everything that was going on around the stand.

What happened next is equally incredible. The bystanders were coming close to the stand, were reading the banner, they were noticing there was nobody inside the stand and they were grabbing the money from the translucent box. Incredible, but true! Now the bystanders were NOT questioning if there is a trap or a trick. They simply took the money and left without fear.

The show producers didn’t stop here and continued with another version of the experiment. They left the box full of money on the counter as before, and inside the stand instead of the man they placed a bigger poster showing two big open eyes. The hidden cameras recorded everything. The bystanders could read on the banner that they were allowed to take money with no problem–no strings attached–; yet, as they noticed the two big open eyes on the poster inside the stand, they were hesitant for a few moments and left without daring to touch money in the translucent box. Apparently, just the image of the two big eyes on the poster was enough for the bystanders to lose courage and be reluctant to take money out of the box.

The conclusions of that experiment are very interesting. When in front of the people there was a man encouraging them to take money, the bystanders were very hesitant and did NOT take money, thinking that to have been some sort of trick or trap.

It is interesting that people were hesitant to take money when in the stand WASN’T that man anymore, but only a poster with two big open eyes. In the bystanders’ mind the image of those eyes was associated with a real person who was watching them. But, when inside the stand was nobody and nothing, no man, no poster, the bystanders were very brave and grabbed the money from the box. They were NOT wondering anymore whether there could have been some sort of hidden trap. They just took the money and left.

Well, that is the people’s reaction when they encounter all sorts of opportunities in life. If they find a box full of money in the middle of the road and nobody is near the box, they will grab the money in an instant without being tormented by any doubts with regards to a hidden trap.

But it’s something else when somebody asks them to take the Money from the box. Their first reaction is distrust. They are asking themselves:”How is it possible for this person to offer me the money for nothing? No, this offer is not OK. Must be some sort of trick…”

Yes, this is how it really is: people decide with difficulty to give their trust to somebody, especially when something too good to be true is offered to them. People are always tried by the suspicion that some bidders are hiding something and the nice words are just a screen for the skillfully prepared trap.

People are incredulous even when you want to offer them something certain and you are not hiding anything. In the “National Geographic” experiment NOTHING was hidden from people. The people could take the money from the box for real, without any repercussions. But still, people did NOT take the money from the box! One person only, braver than the others, suppressed their suspicions, took the money and left. That brave person won. Yes, they won money. The other bystanders, tormented by all sorts of suspicions, preferred NOT to risk anything and they were left with their…choice…they did NOT get any money or any other gain.

Of course, you will say that those bystanders were right. You’ll say that they couldn’t decide to take the money from the box because they knew the repercussions if they would have taken it. They were very tempted by the money, but in the same time, deep inside their soul, they were also scared. The offer was great, with the only problem that after grabbing the money from the box something really bad could have happened. Even if the possibility that grabbing the money with no consequences was real, the possibility of something bad to happen was as real. So, most of the bystanders decided that it was better NOT to take the money from the box. Was their decision wise?

What is certain to this decision is that in the end they won NOTHING. Nothing! Gain=Zero! Nothing! Empty! Empty pockets! The bystanders were left with the satisfaction that they got away of a possible trap but they were as empty handed as before approaching the stand.

They did NOT even gain experience. You gain experience when you test something, not when you run from something. The bystanders came close to the stand, met the offer of the man inside the stand, thought it trough, determined that it is a very ingenious trap, decided to avoid this possible trap and stepped away from the stand. The money remained in the box and the bystanders were left with whatever they had. Progress = zero. The way they came, the same they left. If the bystanders wouldn’t have been so incredulous and they would have decided to take the money from the box,they would have had a gain in the end. But suspicion made them lose. And it’s not about any sort of suspicion.

Remember a very important aspect of that broadcasted experiment:

When that man was NOT inside the stand to urge everybody to take money, the bystanders had NO problem in grabbing the money from the box. The same happened when the two big eyes were NOT in the stand. Therefore, the problem was not necessarily the existence of a trap, but the presence of a PERSON or of the eyes that could have belonged to a PERSON. Suspicion was produced by the idea that it could be a person somewhere around them.

If NO human being was around, the problem was gone. If the bystanders would have been scared by a possible trap then when they would have come closer to the empty stand with money on the counter, they could have thought that even if nobody is watching them the trap is hidden somewhere. Maybe in the moment they would put their hand in the box to take the money the box would have suddenly close and hurt their hand. Or maybe something would have electrocuted them. Or the money was poisoned. Or maybe a toxic liquid would bust in their face. Or maybe the entire stand would have fallen crashing them. Or maybe a cop hidden around the corner would have seen them and arrested them. Or maybe in the box full of money there was a bomb ready to explode. A lot of dangers could be behind this beautiful offer.

But the bystanders had NO problem with these potential dangers. If they saw that in the stand there is NOBODY, they rushed and grabbed the money from the box. They had no fear. They had NO problem with the distrust. They were all full of confidence. But when they saw a person inside the stand trying to convince them to take the money from the box, the bystanders became suspicious. That person explaining to them that they shouldn’t be afraid and they could take the money from the box, was in their mind an insidious trap, a trap designed to trick them.

A very strange thought, isn’t it? If people find a box full of money in the middle of the road and there is no one around, they will jump to the box without fear and will grab the money greedily. They NO LONGER think that the box might hide a trap or a bomb which could explode and cut them into pieces. But if the same people meet a man who urges them personally to take money from a box in exchange for nothing, they will immediately be filled with fear and mistrust.